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200-300 people died of ghost surgery in Grand, Wonjin, ID, BK for 6 years

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Source: Weekly khan


"It is known that there are many people who died from ghost surgery in Korea Plastic Surgery: Grand, Wonjin, ID, BK. The Ministry of Health and Welfare does not even investigate the actual situation. Among doctors have been rumored to have been killed by ghost surgeries between 200 and 300 patients over the past six years in these 4 hospitals. If a patient dies while operating here, the hospital gives 350 million won to the patient's family and make theire family to sign a contract to prevent the fact from being disclosed to the outside. If the family violated this contract, they had to pay the hospital a double. And the hospital charged money to their insurance company which hospital paid to patient's family and got this money back 350 million from insurance company. ”


Dr. Kim Sun-woong, a plastic surgery specialist and legal director of the Korean Plastic Surgery Committee, commented below under a portal site article.



Grand Plastic Surgery, mentioned by Dr. Kim Seon-woong, sued Kim Seon-woong for defamation. 


The Grand Plastic Surgery's Representative doctor is currently sentenced to imprisonment for fraud (Because of ghost surgery), and this clinic's Representative doctor has changed.


Prosecutors prosecuted Dr. Kim Sun-woong for defamation on charges of fake comment  on the portal site.

The fine of 300,000 won was not a big burden for the so-called “famous” plastic surgeon in Cheonan city. It would be over if he paid. However, instead of paying a fine, he chose a formal trial. He wanted to record why he wrote such a comment through trial. It also cost attorneys several tens of times than the fine. "I wanted to expose the reality of ghost surgery that lost the dignity of human beings as a doctor," he said.