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Korea plastic surgery Wonjin, after the death...

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Wonjin, Korea Plastic Surgery Clinic covers the press release portal site of PR after the death of female university students


Wonjin Plastic Surgery has raised the suspicion of “pushed” medical accidents that occurred in the portal site because of concerns about their image damage after the death of a female university student.


Rather than formally apologizing for a medical accident and promising to prevent recurrence, Wonjin was only in a hurry to hide the death.



In fact, multiple media reported that there was a situation where Wonjin attempted to push the number of public relations press releases to push articles related to medical accidents to the back of the portal site screen after the news of the accident was announced.



It is enough to provoke such suspicion that the press release, which was only twice a month on average before the accident, rose to dozens of cases in a week after the accident was reported in the name of “Wonjin”.



In addition, the contents of Wonjin's press release were also criticized. An official from a consumer group thought that it was so insulting Wonjin's press to use the titles such as "Face contour, choosing a reliable professional hospital" and "Choose a specialized hospital with both face contour surgery and safety systems" in a press release issued by Wonjin.