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Wonjin, a dentist's plastic surgery operating and death controversy

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Korea plastic surgery Wonjin where was well-known facial contour surgery, the death occurred  after the facial contour surgery.



Despite the fact that Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic (CEO Won-Jin Park) is a specialized hospital for 'facial contour surgery', there is suspicion that a female university student undergoing facial contour surgery had a problem with the surgical system due to a hidden accident.


The surgeon operated her is known to be a dentist.


Even after this death, Wonjin continually advertise as "We are trying to make the surgery safe in any emergency with the connection of plastic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, and anesthesiology and pain specialists."


According to multiple media on the 24th, Miss Jung, 21, a female university student who died in Wonjin on the 19th, was reported to have undergone surgery with discounted cost 1 million won instead of origin cost 10 million won as being a "before & after" model.


However, the person who actually performed Miss Jung's surgery was a dentist, not Park Won-jin.


Some medical experts pointed out that although it is not illegal for dentists to perform facial contour surgery, it may lack the ability to deal with emergencies, such as lowering blood pressure in patients.


After undergoing plastic surgery for the cheekbones and jawbone for 4 hours, Miss Jung, who was transferred to the recovery room, reached a cardiac arrest due to a drop in blood pressure.


Soon after, CPR was performed in Wonjin and moved to the emergency room at Gangnam Severance Hospital, but eventually died.


The police was asking the National Academy of Sciences for an autopsy to find out the exact cause of death and calling a doctor in charge to investigate the medical malpractice.


In a police investigation, the dentist was reported to have stated that "a blood pressure drop occurred during surgery."


Netizens said, "Wonjin Plastic Surgery, I've made a reservation, but I have to cancel it." "Wonjin Plastic Surgery, ghost doctors operate surgery...", "I heard that there are many death cases. ” As a result, the accusations against the hospital are intensifying.


Earlier, Wonjin Korea Plastic Surgery Clinic asserted that it is a hospital specializing facial contour surgery. And they advertised as below


"Face contour is an operation that touches the bones of the face and can lead to frequent accidents and even death.  For this reason, to prevent emergencies, surgery must be performed by skilled specialists."