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K- Drama News, Announced production of "Yumi's Cells"

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The portal site Naver's popular webtoon'Yumi's Cells', which has surpassed 3 billion views, is produced as a drama. Drama production company "Studio Dragon" announced on the 8th that it has begun production of the drama 'Yumi's Cells'. Currently, it aims to broadcast in 2021, which is in the planning stage.



Naver Webtoon 'Yumi's Cells' Webtoon 'Cells of Yumi' visualizes entertainment stories from the life of Yumi, an ordinary worker in her 30s, with cells in her head as 'reasonable cells, love cells, courtesy cells, clogged cells, hunger cells', etc. It is a sympathetic episode expressing what is going on.



An official from Studio Dragon said, "We are going to make a pleasant reality sympathetic drama by utilizing the beauty of the original that distinguishes the real world in which Yumi lives and Yumi's cells."



Meanwhile, drama production company, Studio Dragon, is a company that has made numerous hits such as "Crash landing on you", "Mr. Sean Shine", and "My Uncle."