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Nana's Consulting Package

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Korea Plastic Surgery Clinic

Visit Consulting Package 



* Target customers:


-This service is for customers who want to visit Korea Plastic Surgery Clinic for surgery consultation.

-You can select any plastic surgery clinic in Korea, including the well-known Banobagi, Faceline, ID, and Wonjin, as well as small or medium plastic surgery clinics for direct consultation with clinic.

-Type A and B type packages vary depending on whether or not an interpreter is provided. You can ask us in advance whether or not the hospital you want to consult supporting an interpreter.






* A type and B type package information


1. A type B type common service


-plastic surgery Clinic consulting reservation

-Hotel-Clinic-Hotel transportation vehicles support (Seoul)









2. Type A


-If the selected plastic surgery clinic has an interpreter,you can select type A for consultation.


-There is no limit to the number of hospitals you can consult within 3 hours, but you can consult with an average of 2 hospitals during this time. However, if it exceeds 3 hours, additional costs may be incurred.










3. Type B

-Type B basically includes an interpreter fee for 3 hours.

-Even if some hospitals have interpreters during hospital consulting within 3 hours, the cost will be applied in the same type B.











1. Online consultation on plastic surgery, hospitals and medical staff suitable for customers.



2. Select a package type A or type B depending on whether or not the clinic has an interpreter, and deposit the package service fee.


3. After confirming the deposit, we will arrange a consultation with the hospital on the desired date.


4. On the day of the hospital consultation, we will pick you up anywhere in Seoul and take you to the hospital. After the consultation is over, we will move you to anywhere in Seoul.


5. If there is a hospital you like on the day of the consultation, we will help you to make an operation reservation, and if you are performing an operation through us, we will refund the package fee according to the fixed rate.








1. Honest surgery costs


We never ask our customers for a higher cost than surgery real cost. Therefore, except for the payment of the required deposit for the surgery reservation, the customer negotiates the cost of surgery directly with the hospital, and the customer pays the surgery cost directly to the hospital.




2. Negotiation of plastic surgery cost discount



If the hospital requires a higher cost of plastic surgery than usual, from the customer's point of view, we can negotiate a discount on the cost of surgery with the hospital.



3. VAT refund


We are a legitimate foreign patient attraction approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare of the Republic of Korea, and if you undergo plastic surgery through us, you can receive a refund of 7-10% VAT on the cost of surgery.



4. Negotiation and mediation (Click)


If a side effect occurs after the customer has undergone surgery through us, we negotiate and mediation with the hospital worth 1,500,000KRW for free.



5. Prepare various needs for surgery



You can receive free of charge for the immigration procedures, hotel reservations, hotel-hospital transportation, and care services during the recovery period.