Nana plastic surgery clinic

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Opened May 28, 2018



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1. doctors





Plastic Surgery Specialist

 Hwang Dong-yeon, Kim Hyung-jun, Park Sun-hee, Jang Seo-yun, Jung Mi-sun, Lim Ji-hong, Choi Hang-suk



Family Medicine Specialist


 Jieun Kim, Jungyeon Kim




 Kim Young-tae, Park Yeon-su, Kyung Moon Ki


General Doctor


 Yoomi Park, Sung Seung-je





2. What's unique about medical staff




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Investigating the medical staff at Nana plastic surgery clinic, I felt as if I were seeing a loser revival.


Hwang Dong-yeon lost his case when he worked at ID plastic surgery clinic due to side effects of chest surgery (2016가단124330). After that, he left ID plastic surgery clinic and Hwang Dong-yeon opened Nana plastic surgery clinic with Kim Hyung-jun, Choi Sang-lok, Kim Jung-un .



However, Hyung-Jun Kim and Sang-Rok Choi worked at Korea plastic surgery clinic. Korea plastic surgery clinic is a hospital with many plastic side effects, and many patients have demonstrated. In the meantime, a prosecution went into the prosecution and found a serious violation of the hospital operation. Therefore, Korea plastic surgery clinic was forcibly closed. Currently, Hyung-Jun Kim continues to work at Nana plastic surgery clinic, and  Sang-Rok Choi is at Linejang plastic surgery clinic.


Nana plastic surgery clinic was opened on May 28, 2018, but there have been a number of changes in medical staff in the short term. Nana plastic surgery clinic has newly recruited plastic surgeons such as Park Sun-hee, Jang Seo-yun, Jung Mi-sun, Lim Ji-hong, Sung Seung-je and Choi Hang-suk.





However, there are some lawmakers who have problems with the new medical staff. Seo Yoon has worked at Korea Plastic Surgery Clinic. Misun Jung worked at Fatima plastic surgery clinic, Izien plastic surgery clinic, and Crapas plastic surgery. However, when she was working at Crapas plastic surgery, her patients had a lot of side effects from eye plastic surgery.

Sung Seung-je, who is introduced as a plastic surgery specialist by Nana plastic surgery clinic, is a general doctor because he has not passed the plastic surgery examination after working as a resident at Sanggye Paik Hospital.


Kim Ji-eun and Kim Jung-yeon are Family Medicine doctors. However, they are in charge of skin, botox and filler procedures that have nothing to do with their fields.





3. Reputation of Korean Consumers




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As a hospital opened in May 2018, it was difficult to find plastic surgery reviews for Korean consumers.




4. Court litigation history







There was a medical accident (2016가단5124330) at the time of ID plastic surgery clinic inHwang Dong-yeon.


5. Overall comment







Nana plastic surgery clinic is a positive factor because it has three anesthesiologists. However, many medical staff are involved in medical litigation or side effects in the past, and a doctor mark him as plastic surgeons even though he is not plastic surgeons. In addition, many of the medical staff's careers are described as careers or professors of plastic surgery specialists at university hospitals. But they only had experience working as a resident at the hospital. Therefore we do not recommend Nana plastic surgery clinic.



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