BK plastic surgery clinic

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opened 21-01-1998


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1. Doctors






Plastic Surgery Specialist (5)

Kim Byung Gun, Geum In Sup, Lee Byung Jun, Kim Kweol Hee, Jeon Seung Bae


Otolaryngologist (1)

Eunseok Ko

Anesthesiologist (1)


Jong-eun Oh



2. Consumer reputation in Korea




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Reputation for BK Plastic Surgery is rarely found online. In fact, BK has been around for a long time, and all 15 floors of the building use BK Plastic Surgery Building. Why aren't there fewer reviews after surgery at such a large plastic surgery? And why do 5 plastic surgeons need so much space?


We estimate that the reason for the few online reviews are that BK Plastic Surgery is requesting the removal of this post when there are negative posts posted online.

In fact, BK Plastic Surgery is a well-known hospital for shadow doctors in Korea. You cannot be sure that you will get surgery from a doctor who consulted you. In fact, my acquaintance also had facial lifting and double eyelid surgery here. Luckily, it worked well without any side effects, but she who had the surgery shared one experience. When she was awakened during surgery through sleep anesthesia, she told me that she had been operated by a doctor who she didn't see before rather than a doctor originally she had been consulted.


There are so few post-surgical reviews of BK Plastic Surgery so it's hard to know exactly what style of plastic surgery they are doing.



3. Medical Accident




Previously, KCA(Korea Consumer Agency) announced the number of mediations due to medical accidents. At this time, BK Plastic Surgery included three mediations for facial contour surgery and one mediations for double eyelid surgery. In addition, our investigation included a total of seven court cases involving side effects. This is a high rate figure and shows that patients who have undergone surgery at BK Plastic Surgery may be unable to receive adequate compensation if side effects occur.



litigation numbers








2015고단5037, 7357 병합


4. Other Issues



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BK Plastic Surgery is famous for its aggressive sales strategy to attract foreign patients. It is also famous for attracting many Chinese tourists.


5. Overall comment





Although there are only five plastic surgeons, the entire 15-story building is used as a hospital. It can be difficult to know who will be your doctor to operate on you. In addition, side effects occur after the Shadow Doctor surgery, and if the doctor moves to another hospital, accountability becomes unclear. Therefore we do not recommend this plastic surgery.



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