Banobagi plastic surgery clinic

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opened at 25 February 2000


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1. Doctors

Plastic Surgery Specialist (13)


Roh Young-jun, Park Sun-jae, Park Shin-ki, Park Jong-lim, Ban Jae-sang, Oh Chang-hyun, Yoon Min-ji, Lee Hyun-taek, Jo Jung-mok, Han Kyu-nam, Lee Jung-jung, Moon Il-jung, Bo-mi Choi


Family Medicine Specialist

Bok Ah-reum, Yang Min-ju


A surgeon

Lee Kyung-gu, Jae-bum Seo



Yong Joo Kim, Yu Jung Kim, Soo Jin Park, Eun Hye Le




2. Banobagi Plastic Surgery History

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After four doctors who graduated from Seoul National University College of Medicine opened in February 2000 as Ye Plastic Surgery, Ye Plastic Surgery changed its name to Banobagi Plastic Surgery in 2007. On the other hand, it was widely known as a TV program called "Let me in." Currently, three doctors (Oh Chang-hyun, Lee Hyun-taek and Ban Jae-sang) are co-representatives of Banobagi.



3. What's unique about medical staff






Among the surgeons in plastic surgery, all medical staff except Lee Yoo-jung (Ajou University) and Moon Il-jung (Sungkyunkwan University) are composed of graduates of Seoul National University College of Medicine.


Banobagi is in charge of each plastic surgery specialist. Therefore, if a patient has plastic surgery on multiple parts, many plastic surgeons will participate in the surgery at the same time.


On the other hand, there are cases where it is not clear who will actually perform the surgery if the patient is going to have plastic surgery at a large plastic surgery in Korea. In addition, shadow doctors, who are not consulting doctors, often operate. However, Banobagi Plastic Surgery is different. According to our research, the above problems are not reported in Banobagi Plastic Surgery.

In the case of foreign patients, five doctors, Oh Chang-hyun, Lee Hyun-taek, Ban Jae-sang, Park Sun-jae, and Noh Young-jun, will perform the surgery. We surveyed these doctors and found that they are all from Seoul National University College of Medicine and have been a founding member in February 2000 or have worked in Banobagi Plastic Surgery for more than 10 years. In particular, all three representatives of Banobagi Plastic Surgery (Ochang-hyun, Lee Hyun-taek, and Ban Jae-sang) are all staffed as medical staff for foreign patients.


Oh Chang-hyun is a doctor in charge of facial contour surgery, and Lee Hyun-taek is in charge of nose and eye surgery. Ban  Jae-sang is  in charge of face lifting, fillers, botox, breast surgery, liposuction and fat removal surgery. Park Sun-jae is in charge of facial contour surgery, nose and eye surgery. Roh Young-jun is in charge of eye, nose and chest surgery.


In the meantime, Lee Kyung-gu is undergoing hair transplant surgery despite being a surgeon. We cannot rate Banobagi positively on this. However, since Lee Kyung-gu is only in charge of Korean patients, it is not related to foreign patients.



4. Korean Customer Satisfaction



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Banobagi has a long history of plastic surgery, which includes a large number of star medical staff. Among the most notable medical staff are:

Oh Chang-hyun and Park Jong-rim are doctors with a strong reputation for facial contour surgery, especially for a long time. Lee Hyun Taek has a considerable reputation for nose surgery. Ban Jae-sang has earned a significant reputation for chest surgery, liposuction or removal, and lifting.

Four doctors, Oh Chang-hyun, Park Jong-rim, Lee Hyun-taek and Ban Jae-sang, are the so-called Korean star plastic surgeons. Star plastic surgeon means who can give  a great reputation to clinic  even if plastic surgery clinic have only one star plastic surgeon. For example, Kim Gui-rak, Plastic Surgeon at Brown Plastic Surgery is a star plastic surgeon. Unfortunately, we confirmed that one of star plastic surgeon, Park Jong-lim is operating only Korean patients.

Park Sun-jae is especially well received for eye surgery. It is known to avoid excessive surgery and to have natural looking plastic surgery.

In the case of Noh Young-jun, it was difficult to find the reputation of consumers. Based on the reputation of Banobagi Plastic Surgery, we can assume that Noh Young-jun is a skilled medical team, but it is not certain.



5. What is unique about this hospital







Doctors at this hospital visit overseas almost every month to conduct consulting. Overseas customers can visit the consulting at this time to receive consultations and make reservations at discounted surgical costs.



6. Court Litigation History



Despite being a large hospital for a long time, I could not find any court case for side effects. This means that even if you experience side effects after surgery, you will receive appropriate care.


7. Overall comment






The disadvantage is that the cost of plastic surgery is somewhat higher than that of other plastic surgery clinic. Despite these shortcomings, it is very attractive to be able to undergo plastic surgery with confidence from medical professionals in each specialty. Meanwhile, Banobagi's representative medical staff consults almost once a month overseas, including in Bangkok. At this time, if the customer attends the consultation and makes an appointment for surgery, a discount can be given. It is highly recommended plastic surgery.




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