DA plastic surgery clinic

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July 25, 2014 Opening




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1. doctors




According to our research, we found a difference between the medical staff and the medical staff introduced on the hospital's homepage.

Plastic Surgery Specialist (10)

Koo Hyun-kook ,Kim Joo-yeon, Bae In-ho, Ahn Seung-hyun, Lee Kyung-mook, Lee Sang-woo, Choi Joon-ho, Lee Dong-chan, Cho Min-su, Park Jung Heum


Surgeon (1)

Hyejin Kim


Family medicine specialist (2)

Min Byeong Lee, Hwang Yun Ju


Obstetrics and Gynecology (1)

Changhwan Lee


General Doctor (2)

Kim Soo Jung, Hyun Suk Moon




2. What's unique about medical staff






On the homepage of the DA plastic surgery clinic, Kim Soo-jung and Moon Hyun-seok are introduced as plastic surgeons. But when we commissioned the Korean Plastic Surgery Association, they confirmed that they were not plastic surgeons.

And doctors from other specialties are performing surgery that doesn't fit theirs. For example, Kim Hye-jin is a surgeon who is suitable for breast cancer treatment, but is in charge of breast plastic surgery. Min Byung-yee is a family medicine Specialist, but she is in charge of liposuction, skin and hair transplant surgery. Hwang Yun-ju is also a family medicine Specialist and is in charge of skin treatment. These are all doctors who have nothing related to do with plastic surgery.

Meanwhile, DA plastic surgery clinic introduces Choi Jun-ho that he had a career plastic surgery at Seoul National University Hospital. However, we confirmed that Choi is currently learning plastic surgery as a traniee at Seoul National University Hospital.




3. History of DA plastic surgery clinic





 The DA plastic surgery clinic, like the TL plastic surgery clinic, appears to be a hospital that has earned a reputation in the short term because of the high cost of advertising. No specially famous doctors, no experienced doctors. Lee Sang-woo, a representative of DA plastic surgery clinic, has no experience in other plastic surgery clinic.


Since the opening of the DA plastic surgery clinic in 2014, sales and operating profit have increased dramatically. It's hard to say that the DA plastic surgery clinic is known for its plastic surgery high skills.




4. Reputation of Korean consumers



소비자 만족도.png


The general opinion of the people who had plastic surgery here was that the results of the plastic surgery were "probably made at the factory." This means "not natural" or "the typical appearance of people who have undergone plastic surgery."


Meanwhile, this is a hospital that many foreign patients visit. Apart from the reputation of Korean consumers, we were able to find a few side effects.





5. Court litigation history





Fortunately, we could not confirm the history of the court litigation. This indicates that this hospital managed the patient well even if side effects occurred after the operation. But looking at the operation of the hospital, we carefully anticipate that we will soon be able to see the history of court litigation about the DA plastic surgery clinic.







6. Overall comment





Since DA plastic surgery clinic was just opened, it was difficult to confirm customer satisfaction. The skills of medical staff are considered to be ordinary plastic surgery.some of the medical staff on the web page of DA plastic surgery clinic are introduced as plastic surgeons even though they are not plastic surgeons. But the lack of a court case history is an advantage.




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